How to uninstall another antivirus program before installing ESET in Windows 10

ESET will attempt to stop you from installing if you have another antivirus already on your computer. If you manage to install anyway, your system will run more slowly and may experience issues launching some applications. The best thing to do is to remove any pre-installed antivirus software before installing ESET.

  1. Click on your Windows start button, click the gear icon to go to Settings.
    Windows Settings Cog Wheel

  2. Select Apps to open the Apps and Features menu.
    Windows 10 Settings menu, apps button

  3. Scroll through the list of programs until you find the other antivirus program. Click it and select Uninstall. The program’s uninstaller will launch, follow the prompts to remove the program.
    Apps and features, app list, uninstall McAfee

  4. After the uninstall finishes you will be prompted to restart your system. Restart your computer.
    McAfee uninstaller, restart computer

  5. You can now install ESET on your computer after the restart completes.

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