How to find your ESET username in Windows and MacOS

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If you purchased ESET antivirus from Micro Center, you should also know that we offer online renewals through our website when your license expires (Click here to go to our renewal page!). However, to purchase a renewal you'll first need to enter your ESET username. This username is not related to an email address or any account you created; your username is generated by ESET automatically when a license is activated and can be pulled directly from the ESET software on your computer. Here's how you can find your username when you're ready to renew, for both PC and Mac:


1. First, we need to open up the ESET program on your system, and there a couple of ways to do this. You can click your Start Menu and navigate to ESET Security:

Or find the ^ (show hidden icons) menu, located near your internet and volume icons on your taskbar, and click the ESET icon

2. Once you have ESET open, navigate to the Help and Support in the menu on the left and click Details for Technical Support. If you're on an older version of ESET it may say "details for customer care" instead. 

4. After you click Details for Technical Support, a new window will display with your username (and other license information, but those aren't important for a renewal). 

For Mac:

1. First, just like in Windows, we need to open up the ESET program on your system and there a couple of ways to do this. You can go to your Finder on the Dock, navigate to the Applications folder then find ESET:

Or you can click your ESET icon from the menu bar at the top of your screen and then Open ESET Cyber Security:

2. Go to Help on the left once the ESET program is open, then click Details for Customer Care

3. The details window will display with your ESET username

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