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Where is my ESET username??

Very confused on how to find the username, I press ctrl+U and get a ton of code?? Help!

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  • IanIan admin
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    Greetings Cousin. Welcome to the Micro Center community. It sounds like we may be pressing the CTRL+U command on the Micro Center website, to get the username we will need to open ESET directly on your PC.
    Here is how to do this:

    First, Click on the Start button (typically at the lower left corner of your screen) and navigate to ESET Security:

    Or find the ^ (show hidden icons) menu, located near your internet and volume icons on your taskbar, and click the ESET icon

    2. Once you have ESET open, navigate to the Help and Support in the menu on the left and click Details for Technical Support. If you're on an older version of ESET it may say "details for customer care" instead. 

    3. After you click Details for Technical Support, a new window will display with your username (and other license information, but those aren't important for a renewal). 

    Then proceed back to https://www.microcenter.com/site/stores/eset-renew.aspx to renew your ESET license with the username found in your ESET software.


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