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How to Download and Install ESET without a DVD

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Congratulations! You just purchased ESET for the first time, or you just bought a new computer and need to install ESET again. It may be that the last time you installed software, you popped a disk into the CD tray and just followed the instructions, but this time you didn't get a disk or your computer doesn't even have a CD drive. Not to worry, ESET can be downloaded and installed without the need for a physical disk.

Follow these directions and you'll be protected in no time:

1.      Open any web browser on your PC and navigate to


2.      At the top of the screen, click/place your mouse on "Download" and then under the “Download for home ” category, click on I Already Purchased.


3.     On the download page that opens, select the Download Now button for the version of ESET you purchased.


4.      On the next page, click the button labelled Download Now or Download for Windows.


5.      If you are prompted asking what to do with the file, select Save.



6.      Run the ESET.exe file once it has finished downloading. You can easily get to your downloaded files by pressing CTRL + J on your keyboard.


7.      If you get a User Account Control prompt, select Yes to allow the ESET application to make changes


8.      Select Continue to start and click "I Accept" on the license terms window.



9. The next screen will pertain to a account. There are three ways to proceed:

Option 1: If you don't have an account and you would like to make one, you can click on Create account. More information about making a account can be found on ESET's website.

Option 2: Sign in to your existing account by filling in your email address and password and then click Log in. NOTE: ESET does not automatically make you an account for any prior activations of ESET.

Option 3: Click on Skip Login to proceed without making a account. NOTE: A account is not needed to use ESET Security on your computer.


10.      Once the software has fully downloaded, you will be prompted to activate. Select the option to Use a purchased License Key


11.  Enter the License Key or Serial Number as it appears on the card (it should begin with USAX-). Be sure to include the dashes. Click Continue


If you are using a account, you will be prompted to provide to Set a device name for this computer. Enter a device name and click on Continue.


12.  Register your license with ESET. Company and Address 2 can be left blank, but all other fields are required. Then click Activate once the required fields are completed.


13.  Select Continue on the next page to install the software.


14.  Enable the options for ESET Live Grid and detection of Potentially Unwanted Programs then,  click on Continue to the next page and select whether to participate in ESET’s Customer Experience Improvement Program. Click Install.



15.  When installation finishes, click Done to exit the installer.


16.  You are now protected from threats by ESET and ready to use your computer and ESET!


  • I thought I purchased ESET virus protection on line. I used a charge card to complete this purchase. When willl I get my email with download instructions?
  • IanIan admin
    Ronald said:
    I thought I purchased ESET virus protection on line. I used a charge card to complete this purchase. When willl I get my email with download instructions?
    There isn't anything additional to download. Did you receive an order number and a product serial number/activation key? If so, to activate ESET, simply open the existing ESET program on your computer, click on Activate Product, select Use a Purchased License Key, and  then type in the key/serial number starting with USA. 
  • IanIan admin

    Article updated for the latest versions of ESET as of May 2021.

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