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Limit per household question

I had a quick question regarding the “limit 1 per household” for the new rtx3080 cards. I have two gaming teenagers in my household so this is particularly important to me at Christmas time. 

Does the limit apply across the board to all 30 SERIES cards or is it per specific line of 30xx cards? For example: can I buy one 3080 and one 3070 on the same day?

If the limit is for the entire 30series of cards, how long will I be limited? If I buy one today, when could I buy another one?

Thanks in advance!!


  • Hello @TibuJenkins the per household limit is by card type. So yes you could buy a single 3080 for your household and a single 3070 for your household. Two different cards types but still 1 per household. You could purchase the 3060, 3070, and 3080, you'd walk out the store  with 3 GPU cards total; if that makes sense. Good luck on getting a hold of one of these cards, they are hard to come by right now.
  • Does this limit apply to open box GPUs also? thank you

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    Hello @Jason163545534

    Things have changed a bit since to post above was made, due to the continued limited availability of these GPUs.

    For the time being, the limit of 1 per household is for all GPUs. You may purchase 1 GPU in a 30 day period. This includes all GPUs, open boxes, and new. For extra clarity, you would not be able to purchase 1 3070, 3080, 3090. You could only purchase one GPU total, per 30 days.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions! Also, our associates in the store would be happy to assist if you're in the store.

  • but is it possible that some stores are extending that restriction to 90 days? or even more

  • @NoAngelol

    We actually do not have a set duration for this rule so this is something that would be considered manager discretion. This is the sign we are posting at all of our locations:

    I am sorry I cannot provide an exact duration from here, however, if you speak to the management staff at your local Micro Center I am sure they will help clear this up and provide you with some more information.

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    @TS_JosephF @TSTDavey @LandShark

    Can someone from Microcenter please explain this policy. This is so half arsed as far as an "official" policy. I went last week to purchase a card I saw available, was first in line, waited 6 hours, only to be told I can't buy the 3090 because I bought the 3060 the week before. Before going to the location, I checked MC website and I read every sign posted on the door. This is not mentioned anywhere. Luckily I'm not a scalper or miner and was allowed to return the 3060 (which I really purchased to build my neighbors kid a PC , without any profit to me). Microcenter, can you please post any information about this policy and how it works since the folks at checkout are giving me 3 different stories. Also, the guy who told me I had to return the 3060 made a comment that he will probably pick it up. Great Customer Service to someone who's dropping thousands of dollars at your stores monthly (insert sarcasm). I don't expect special treatment; however, make your policies clear! pretty please :)


    Some dude


    This absolutely needs to be as clear as possible to everyone when purchasing. I was turned away too this weekend because I knew about the limit per household, but then was told that they changed it limit per household per month which then was not clarified to me by the associate what per month meant. I tried to ask for clarification and he kept on saying per month (looks like it's 30 days). In fact, I purchased a 3070 on Feb 13, and from @LandShark post on Feb 16, it would mean that you are retroactively enforcing a policy on something bought previous to enforcement if in fact the new policy went into effect at around that date, Feb 16. It would make sense on purchases afterwards.

    As a returning customer who does see good customer service from this company, this needs to be addressed by making this policy very clear to future purchasers so there is no doubt. It removes the headache from us consumers and avoids confrontations for the associates who have to deal with this so called BS. Please do a better job for your customers and your associates.

  • @ILoveGPU

    Sorry for any confusion here.

    All of the recently released GPUs do have a notice on the product listed it as "Limit 1 Per Household"

    @MJG I can understand your concern here.

    From my understanding, we are not able to provide a set or official response for all of our stores here in our community due to our stores being in different locations and having a different amount of GPUs available at different locations. Also, we do allow our store managers to have some discretion in how they are allowing customers to purchase these items.

    If you are looking for a most set-in-stone response to this matter, I would strongly recommend going to your local store to speak with the manager about this concern.

    A general rule at this time would be to consider only being able to purchase 1 GPU per 30 day period at this time. Again, this is at the discretion of the store manager.

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    @LandShark I understand that and that's interpreted as 1 limit per household during the purchase and not indefinitely. Every other place I've shopped, that simply equates to not being able to grab a bunch of cards during the checkout process. That also doesn't state that you cannot buy more than 1 GPU from AMD or Nvidia, meaning if you bought the new 6000 series GPU from AMD, you cannot purchase a new 3000 series Nvidia GPU, period, but according to @MJG it's within a 30 day period (which is the first i'm hearing of this).

    It's irrelevant to me, I have what I need but would be nice to show some basic respect to your customers. Having the rep tell me he's buying the card after I had to return it to purchase another one is piss poor customer service. You're selling this as being "fair" to your customers yet your rep is the one trying to scoop up my return.

  • Cp3Cp3

    Does this apply to pre-builds? I am picking up a gaming desktop Sunday or Monday and if I am there and a GPU I am interested in becomes available can I buy the gaming desktop and the GPU even if they are the same type of GPU. Currently there aren't any GPUS available but in case there is when I arrive, can I get the gaming desktop and a separate GPU? I know this is frustrating for everyone, hopefully things will get better soon. Thanks in advance for your time. Chris

  • IanIan admin

    Hello, we can look into this, what specific prebuilt PC would this be for?

  • I am in a similar situation to what written above about two teens that would like to have both gaming PCs. Now, the good thing is that they have dramatically different requirements, so much that I was able to satisfy one with an "old" RX550 that I was able to find in store this week. Would I be able to buy one of the "recently released" GPUs (RTX 3xxx or RX6xxx) if I am able to grab one? Or does the limitation include the RX550 so I am out of luck for 30 day?

  • @mda1971 just chiming in. If I'm following your scenario, you're asking if the two teens in your household (address) can buy 2 gaming pc's that have the 3070 or RX in it?

    The 1 per household rule is limited to GPUs and some other items. A pre-built pc is a separate sale or independent unit from GPUs; unless the gaming pc you're looking at is in High Demand and has a 1 per household requirement. So if both the PCs don't have a 1 per household requirement, than yes your teens will be able to get both gaming PCs

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