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Micro Center First Responder Discount

Hey y'all, i know earlier in the year Micro Center was doing a first responder discount. I am a paramedic and was wondering if y'all still have the discount going? I'm in Texas (more specifically Houston) and am looking to grab the Ryzen 5600x to upgrade my husbands computer. I see its $299.99 regularly, so how much would it be after the first responder discount is applied?


  • Hello @JustHereForPuters! Welcome to the community!
    We still do offer a First Responder Discount, however, the discount differs for each item. I'd recommend coming into the store. When you go to the store please present your ID.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions!
  • Be sure to have the little plastic card your company issues or your paper Texas license, because coming to the store in your fire truck, in uniform, with partners that have their ID, showing them the state verification website, or a clear picture of both your ID and state card won't satisfy them.

  • They should consider using the state certification site as proof along with your driver's license because that's actual proof of your certification. We don't all carry our certifications on us off duty, so this makes it a major inconvenience.

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