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Healthcare discount

Just wondering if there is a healthcare worker discount ?


  • Hello @alpha

    We do offer a First Responder discount.

    Our First Responder discount applies to Police (local, state, federal), Fire, EMT/EMS. An ID is required at the time of purchase to verify this.

    Ultimately, our store manager would make the final call regarding this discount.

    I hope this info helps! Please let us know if we can provide any additional information.

  • Hello LandShark, can you send me any information regarding what the discount is?

  • @Mikefish just chiming in. The discount is determined by store and items the First Responder customers are wanting to purchase. If you'd like, you could visit the store on the discount.

    Or let us know what product you are wanting to purchase and which store you are near; we can have a Manager call you and let you know what discount they'll give you on that particular item.

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