RTX3060 launch at Dallas store — Micro Center

RTX3060 launch at Dallas store

Hello, I (like most other people) have been unable to find any graphhics cards at regular retail price. I am interested in getting the new RTX3060 that is releasing tomorrow. I hope that it will be a little more readily available since the crypto hoarders hopefully won't be interested in it. However, scalpers have also been a massive problem with ALL recent GPUs.

My question is what Microcenter's plan is for the RTX3060 release tomorrow, and approximately how many will be available. I do not live close enough (and have a job like most functional adults), so I can't come camp out everyday hoping to hoard all the GPUs.

Will there be vouchers? If so, when will they start handing them out? Who will decide which people get the voucher if there is already a crowd of people? What will the price points be on the card?


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