OP-KS: The line needs to have store intervention ASAP. — Micro Center

OP-KS: The line needs to have store intervention ASAP.


I am a member of a small community formed around being a customer at MicroCenter (on Discord). We have had an interesting time developing information on how someone can best get the latest and greatest products.

Ever since the most prevalent launches (beginning with the 3080), there has been a normal line procedure. A general consensus was made to modify the system so that, during the cold months, people would be able to sit in their vehicles so that they didn't become hypothermic.

Now, this system has been abused and manipulated by various groups. Most recently, a small organization of folk have taken to getting in line with a cycle of people with the intention to resell these cards. This group has also made other folks in line, and have even attempted to intimidate folks in line, saying that "they've been to prison before" so they "should watch out." This is unacceptable. The average joe getting into the game right now has to watch as people set out their chairs and abuse the line system, clogging up the sidewalk diswaying normal customers, and end up at the end of the line only to be harassed by the same individuals who are there every night, reselling these cards on eBay or Craigslist or etc.

The store has yet to intervene or develop a new system, even after a complaint was made about the line from the property managers. And now this same organization is setting down spots in line, and then leaving them there, coming back whenever they feel like it.

Where is the store intervention? Why has the store not done ANYTHING about the line when it has caused numerous problems? We are all frustrated; many are trying to get a single card, only to be pushed further down the line by these greedy people. There needs to be change; and this is only one store's problems.


  • The fact that nothing has been done about this is ridiculous. If nothing is done about it, someone's going to end up hurt or worse. Be proactive, this needs to be put to an end immediately.
  • With a registered complaint from the property owner, and multiple customers also filing complaints, it is time that Microcenter stepped up and actually did something about the lines. Something should have been implemented long ago. The new 30 day rule doesn't really mean anything if the scalpers are in groups. They can all just cycle through and get cards. That IS something to help, but it is minimal. Microcenter has an army of loyal customers still waiting their turn to get a single card. I know that nothing can eliminate scalpers all together, but more should be done. At the very least there needs to be some sort of official rules from Microcenter about how and when the line forms.

  • I agree 100% with this. The fact that people are forming a line at 3pm the day before by just setting a chair down by the entrance and leaving is getting out of hand. It makes the store look bad and sets the precedent that if you want a chance at a card you have to be in the way of other paying customers during business hours. Worse, the chairs sit there and create an eyesore to other customers as they enter and leave the shopping center. 

    On top of this, once people are finally in line, there are disputes over what the “rules” for the line are. People see the chairs and unknowingly cut to the front, only to get hostile when approached about it. That, or they will set a chair down and leave for hours at a time. When the chair is removed, they return and escalate to threats of violence because they were “first” in line. 

    There needs to be an official policy or statement from Micro Center regarding this, because at this point things are getting out of control. Lining up just isn’t working anymore. 30 days between purchases is great, except for the scalpers and others who think that they can get around it and take it as a challenge to try. The policy needs to be enforced so that we can stop seeing cards from the morning’s shipment ending up on facebook marketplace and Craigslist for double the price that was paid for it. 

    EVGA has a queue system, and while it has it’s own set of flaws, I really think Micro Center should look into adopting a system similar to theirs. Give us a virtual spot in line for a card we want, and when it’s our turn, we have a set amount of time to make the purchase or we forfeit it.
  • Hello All,

    Thanks for sharing this information with us. While I'm not personally aware of this or the situation at our OP-KS store, I'd be happy to share this feedback with our leadership.

    We've implemented a more rigid voucher system, which we've shared information about here.


    I'm sure that this additional feedback will be beneficial toward creating a better experience at our stores. So thank you again for sharing!

  • Just to make you aware, these problems have been similar in nature to many of the other stores. It is not just our store - EVERY store has been having these issues. Been hearing stories from folks all over the country being unable to get their hands on hot offers because someone is gaming the system.

  • I hear you! We've seen the comments regarding scalping and that is one of the larger reasons we have implemented the voucher system across our stores. Our major effort in the latest changes is to make these limited availability items available to more of our loyal customers.

    They are limited to 1 per household for a period of 30 days. We are using our voucher system to ensure a safe shopping experience in our store as well as to ensure a more fair opportunity to those shopping for these limited availability items.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

  • The scalpers have already figured out a way around your voucher system. They are being allowed to pay cash without showing an ID. The Overland Park location is NOT using the same voucher system as posted above, so all they have to do is create a "dummy" account with a fake address and fake email address, pay cash, and walk away and try again the next day. Now obviously, IF the MC employees are paying close enough attention, they might be able to recognize certain people, but honestly, I have a hard time believing every MC employee is making a concerted effort to enforce this 30 day rule.

    My take on this is this. State issued IDs are a thing, and available to anyone. If they want to pay cash, that's great. take the picture, hold their GPU and tell them to head over to the DMV and get an ID with their current address, and the card will be waiting for them when they get back. Then give them 24 hours before you put it back into the store stock. Then their ID better match the picture that was taken of them or they can take a hike.

    I know it sounds harsh, but allowing this to go on this long without taking any real action to deter scalping has just exacerbated the situation, and like Onslivion said, escalated to threats of violence, and the known scalpers to expand their operation while MC turns a blind eye. I have literally been in the store to get a card ONCE.....never even waited in line, but just happened to be in the area one day and was able to land a video card after vouchers expired, and I was given the 3rd degree by the manager on duty like I was committing nefarious deeds because I happened to be in the right place at the right time. It actually kinda pisses me off the more I look at it.

    Enough time has passed, and it is obvious there are issues at more than just the OP store. I would have expected a better system to go into place. In the unofficial MC discord, if the questions had been asked by MC personnel about what the voucher system might look like, I can tell you that a hundred ideas on how the system could be abused or broken would have come up and could have been addressed before it went live. Might be an idea to work with those of us that care about MC and the situation, that's all. We are a lot smarter than we look.

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