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Got turned away

I Purchased my rtx 3090 on 03/11 at MicroCenter-Houston.
22 days later I came back to the store to purchase a rtx 2060 for a family member that lives in Utah, the guy who works in the computer island simply turned me away saying that there is a 30 days limit purchase PER GPU (no matter the model). I read this forum before driving 65 minutes to head to the store(here it says that it is 30 days limit per model) I have waited 1 hour in line, to be turn back like this.
I felt so humiliated by the way that he spoke to me, saying that people are “abusing”, that’s why they have recently changed the limitation rule, every one gave me a look thinking I was some sort of a scalper.
if you guys want to change the rule that’s fine, but at least let us know BEFORE we spend 2:30 trying to purchase it !

so disrespectful.


  • I am sorry to hear about the experience. I can't speak for how he treated you in the process, but I wanted to clarify that is it one voucher in 30 days. This can be seen on our Limited Availability FAQ. We try to keep all of our information up to date so please check back frequently.

    Q. Can I get more than one voucher?

    A. Vouchers are only used for limited-quantity items, which are limited to 1 Per Household. You would only be able to receive one voucher per 30-day period with an accompanying driver’s license or state I.D. With limited availability, we want all of our customers to have a chance to be a part of this new product release.

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