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Just sell the GPU's online!


Why on earth are you forcing people to wait in lines during a pandemic and a global shortage of gpu's? Just post them online for customers to pickup. You can then have a single person who is properly trained to check the id's to accounts to enforce the 1 card per 30 day rule. Please think of your customers and their time. Forcing people to wait 12-18 hours outside isn't good customer service.


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    Hello @Iamscott and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. We understand your frustration. Retailers (ex., MC, Best Buy, etc.) are all irked on not being able to keep up with the demand on GPUs. its not the retailers fault.

    Unfortunately for MC there are GPU manufacturer & distributor agreements, business factors and the limited number of GPUs we get from GPU distributors (ex., sometimes two in one day), that MC has to consider when providing GPUs; if in stock, to MC consumers.

    Because of this is why the GPUs are on a first come first sell basis, which unhappily requires customers attempting to be first in line before the store opens to have a chance to get one of the two cards that we get sometimes. Other days the stores receive more than two.

    I'm not sure how the other local retailers are handling their GPU availability, but we're sorry, this is how MC is managing it.

    Hopefully here in the near future, the GPU supply and demand skew will shift and we'll get more GPU units to sell customers eliminating the current process.

    Good Luck

  • Best Buy sells gpus online. MC cant? I understand the global shortage, silicone supply chain, etc etc. The limited number you get is even MORE reason to put these online. Give your customers the flexibility to purchase something rather than ask them to take time off of work, family, dangers of sitting in groups during a pandemic, I can go on and on.

    The current system is bad. I know you don't have the power to change it as a customer service rep, but you can certainly put someone with the authority in touch with the consumers. Or better yet, myself. I have 20 years of experience in logistic streamlining and supply chain efficiency.

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    @Iamscott understood. We've gotten numerous feedback from customers on the process and things have already been sent up the chain. If changes are made, it will be announced on this Microcenter Community Forum and by the store.

  • I myself find it easier to wait outside MC than fighting bots and other native shoppers all around the US at clicking away when something comes instock online.

  • IamscottIamscott
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    they dont ship. there is no reason bots or non locals to purchase.

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