Why is the AMD Ryzen 5900x marked up $150??? it's msrp is $550 and you have it at $700 — Micro Center

Why is the AMD Ryzen 5900x marked up $150??? it's msrp is $550 and you have it at $700

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What gives microcenter? Since when did you start squeezing customers? I know you did your research on this because you undercut the ebay scalpers by $50. Are you trying to force your customers to buy all the overpriced Ryzen 5800x cpus you have sitting on your shelves?


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  • Yeah, this is slimy. I loved MicroCenter, too. Most of my 4500 build is from there. But I won't be supporting this business any longer. You can't scalp your customer and expect no blowback. This will hurt them in the long run.

  • I really hope this is a mistake. I have seen this exact CPU at Microcenter listed for $549 and usually out of stock. There are 25+ at my local store and I'm sure the reason is the scalper level price.

  • They have done this for the 5600x as well. Msrp is 299 but updated price is 349. I remember asking a diy sales about why the nzxt aio and case were more than the nzxt site and they said that nzxt is the manufacturer so TY hey can price their msrp however they want and they can't match that price.....

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    This is actually very frustrating to see. I've been a huge fan of MicroCenter and love the fact they have ALWAYS held true to pricing and really valued their customers on a more ethical level.

    Seeing this $699 price of the 5900X really turns my gut as they seemed to have basically joined forces with the scalpers.

    Even AMD still has the NORMAL price of $549.

    I drive 1.5 hours round trip to purchase from Microcenter. I bypass Best Buy (which I do like) I avoid internet sales from B&H and Newegg if I can get PC parts from MC. Especially Amazon,.I avoid them at all costs

    I choose MC so I can have a brick and mortar experience and actually handle the product, customer service has always been stellar.

    If they change the price back, I'm fine with it. But if it stays, I may just rethink my future purchases as there are other retailers....B&H, Newegg, who have still held true to the pricing without scalping.

    Newegg still allows 3rd party sales at an increase but they give people who are more desperate an option.

    Come on MicroCenter....you get TONS of foot traffic....ALWAYS, did you REALLY have to do this?
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    Microcenter sales people are told they can't match manufacturer site because since they are the manufacturer they will set the MSRP to whatever price they want.... They are certainly getting in on the price scalping themselves but of course at a lower price than the ebay scalpers. The 6900 XT Red Devil is an example. On Jan 1st the tariffs went into effect. The Red Devil 6900 XT purchased on 2/12/21 was sold at MC for 1459.99.

    Today that same card is going for:

    Notice it is the same SKU as the one I purchased in February and when I asked about why the price increase they said it was because of the tariffs. I told them I bought it after the tariffs and it was still lower than this. They had no response.

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    Well, there's been tariffs since the product launch and Microcenter, Best Buy along with B&H have held steady at the $549 price. We all know what a "MSRP" is, 99.9% of businesses.....even CAR DEALERSHIPS don't go over MSRP unless it's a very rare, limited number vehicle.

     Point is, Microcenter in the eyes of MANY customers has always been held in high regard mainly for not being a scalper. I get the fact retailers can choose their prices, but even when this lack of supply was in it's peak, from last November through early spring, Microcenter held steady on prices.
    I surely won't be paying $700+ on a Ryzen 5900X, that's for sure, especially not from one of the last brick and mortar PC stores that I have TRULY enjoyed purchasing from.

    Maybe that's why so many stored have 25+ in their inventory..maybe not. If that's not the case, then supply might be showing an increase.

    I'll wait for another retailer to get product in before I purchase this sku from Microcenter. This is sad as I know I'm one of many who have spent thousands of $$ at Microcenter.

  • Yea there has been tariffs but it's not a steady climb of tariffs. It was one shot 25% tariff increase on January 1st 2021. Items sold after that already had tariffs in the pricing. So let's say the 25% tariff was done after I had made my initial purchase then it would be around the price it is selling now but the initial item was purchased after the tariff went into effect so unless it was an old stock that took them more than 2 months to be delivered then it would make sense. This however doesn't explain the overcharge on the MSRP of say the 5600X MSRP 299 MC Price 349 or 5900X MSRP 549 MC Price 699 since these are not affected by the tariffs.

  • Well Microcenter corrected their mistake and I purchased one this afternoon for $549!!!

  • Yup looks like they fixed it and they had lots of 5950x in stock and snagged one up the other day!

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