I was told that my laptop need a wifi card replacement by Best Buy Geek Squad. They said they don't carry it at the store level and that I should go to MC. My lap top is like your cell phones. My life is on it. I went to MC in St Louis Park, Mn and I was 3rd in line for service. The 2 people at the desk were a guy and a girl. I hate to admit it but I hoped I would get the guy....well I didn't. I explained my problem and told her I was told I need a new wifi card. I had not even finished talking and she said "all done, you have wifi" I freaked out . It took her less than a minute to fix it. I said it's under warranty but she said not for this. I said should I pay? She said no. Her name was TASIA and I am so grateful for her knowledge and I am so very sorry for not thinking a woman could not be as good as a guy....I am ashamed. Once again, THANK YOU TASIA>


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