My first visit to Micro Center -- Awesome -- and a request!


I live in Northern Los Angeles County and went to Micro Center yesterday for the first time. I had put together a list for a PC build, and Micro Center had everything in stock and waiting for me upon arrival. It's an absolute toy store for hobbyists! My only suggestion: OPEN A STORE IN LA COUNTY! Micro Center is the antidote to anonymous online shopping.

With the void left by the closure of Fry's last year, there is pent up demand that could be to Micro Center's advantage, if I -- and the other people who used to line up to by stuff at Fry's -- didn't have to drive 75 minutes each way! The parking lot was jammed yesterday, and I wonder how many folks would shop more often if the store were closer.


  • Ian


    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! I am glad to hear you enjoyed our store!

    Thank you for providing us a location you think a Micro Center would be great at! I don't really have the pay-grade to make the decision of opening up a location but I can send this to the people that are and see their thoughts and opinions!  

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