Retro Arcade Cabinet Vector Outlines For Making Custom DIY Graphics!

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Here you can find all of the .pdf files to help you make custom DIY graphics for all of your Micro Center made retro gaming cabinets!

Note: SKU 976183 & 976175 now have files with detailed measurements and button layouts listed.

998302 - Micro Center Bartop Arcade Stand

891473 - Micro Center Bartop Arcade Cabinet

998294 - Micro Center 3/4 Size Arcade Cabinet

121905 - Micro Center Fight Stick Stand

891465 - Micro Center Full Size Arcade Cabinet

976175 - Micro Center 2-Player Fight Stick Cabinet with Trackball

976183 - Micro Center 2-Player Fight Stick Cabinet


  • scottjprior
    edited December 2021

    I compared the 3/4 arcade template to the physical cabinet, and the template is 71" yet the cabinet is around 66" tall. Was there some bleed added in? or maybe there is a new cabinet size coming out?

    The full size cabinet template is taller than I measured also.


  • At what DPI are these PDF files meant to be imported?

  • I’m also having issues with the pdf files. The fight stick with trackball control panel does not line up correctly. The joystick, buttons, and the trackball placement is off. I’m trying to get a plexi top cut for it and it is way off.
  • I think I’ve figured out the problem for these vectorized pdf files. These pdf files are for their graphics overlays and not the actual cabinet kits. Thats why the sizing is off because they have some over hang for the graphics that you trim off once you have installed them. And the same for the control panel. The buttons don’t line up for the control panel because on their graphics overlay for the control panel the button wholes and track ball are just placed holders and not the actual size.
  • We need the vectorized pdf file for the arcade kits themselves and not the vectorized pdf files for the graphics overlays that you guys provide. Can we please get the vectorized pdf files for the actual arcade kits please?
  • We need the vectorized pdf files they use to actually cut the wood and drill the wholes with.
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