Will a DDR5 motherboard support all DDR5 RAM, no matter the MHz? (further explanation below)

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I was able to get my hands on a DDR5 MB and RAM recently. After the upgrade, I’m having trouble getting the PC to post. I googled my symptoms and they mostly pointed towards improper GPU installation (which I was able to rule out), or RAM issues. I singled out the DIMMS to see if one of them was bad to no avail… then I decided to take one last look at the motherboard manual. It says “Support for DDR5 4800/4000 MHz memory modules” - My modules are 5200MHz.

I didn’t even know that DDR5 came in the 4000/4800 MHz variety. My assumptions were that this manual is just out of date, and the motherboard should support DDR5 of all MHz.

Are my assumptions correct?


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