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I'm preparing to build my first PC. I know next to nothing about computers and I'm overwhelmed at the options. I'm wondering if someone can help me narrow my choices in time for Black jFriday. My maximum budget is $2,000, and I'm building it for music composition and production.

This is some advice I got from a discord group I'm a part of:

  1. Best possible cpu. Nvme drive I would say is the most important in any computer. It just makes everything so much faster. Gpu can be quite low indeed unless u have multiple 4k monitors or something. Get the chepeast case possible. Motherboard is really just something not so important either. Differences are mainly about how much stuff u can connect to it. And if u r overclocking there are differences but don't even overclock. Not even worth the hassle really as far as I know.
  2. for nvme drives, one needs to consider a motherboard with the appropriate pcie protocol and desired number of sockets. many are at 2 x m.2. we've hit a point where PCIE 4.0 is standard but its important to check that a MOBO indeed supports 4.0 before purchasing the appropriate NVME drive. otherwise its a waste.

I hope someone can help me out! Thanks!

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  • Yingdong

    Ryzen or intel? 12th gen intel cpu just came out, while both intel cpu, z690 motherboards and ddr5 memories kicking a high price it makes sense to go with ryzen. Is nvme pcie4.0 drive a must? From what i see it makes little difference when the read/write speed gets to the 3000 mb threshold.

  • The speed of processing is important because working with large orchestral compositions and many simultaneous instrument samples is highly cpu intensive. Also I need 32 gb RAM.

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