2-Year Build Warranty, how do I use it?

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pardon if this is the wrong forum to post, i didn't see any others that remotely seemed relevant to my problem.

last year i went through micro center to build a custom PC and with it i bought a 2 year build warranty.

my current issue is i'm 99% sure i have a faulty power unit. the whole PC will just randomly shut off for no reason i can find. at first i thought it was my house or the outlet, but i tested the outlets and i have the whole system plugged into one of those battery back up units (that was also tested), so if it were the outlet or my house's fault, it wouldn't shut down this way (which is to say, it just blinks off as if the power has been cut).

i really, really need this issue fixed ASAP and would like to take it to micro center to do under this 2 year warranty, but i don't know how to use it. my order history on my online account doesn't show anything, but i saved the receipt for the whole build that says "2YR Build Coverage" showing i paid for a warranty.

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    Greetings. Those warranties are handled directly inside the store at the store service desk. No appointment is needed to bring your PC in so they can take a look at it.

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