Extended Warranty Question


I purchased a Dell computer in December of 2019. I also purchased the 3 year warranty.

The computer is now operating very slowly. I've taken it to the Micro Center near my twice. Both times the repair techs say the system "passes" all test. But yet, the system has a slow response.

The reps suggest I purchase a new drive; and SSD.

No one can give me a good reason for why the warranty does not cover a slow computer.

Help please


  • Yingdong

    So what's the config of the dell pc? Is it a really old or budget computer that is still using hdd as its system boot drive? It makes sense if it is. Most warranties only cover defective computer and parts, not an upgrade promise to keep the computer operating at "high speed" dealing with the skyrocketing rising system requirements of newer software.

  • I'm not asking for a free ssd. My question is: Is the hdd covered under the extended warranty

  • Yingdong

    The hdd came with prebuilt should definitely be covered under warranty. But according to what you said, they tested that the hdd is not defective, also that replacing a hdd would not likely solve your problem of pc operating slow. A commonly used 7200rpm hdd only have a read/write speed of 80-160 mb per second versus at least 500mbps on sata ssd and at least 1500mbps on pcie3.0x4 nvme ssd, that might be the reason that you are feeling "slow". When you have a hdd as your system boot drive, it is completely normal have the system boot up time more than 3 minutes and feel laggy on daily usage.

  • Thanks for the replies. I want to have a back up computer. What are your thoughts on "off-lease" desktops.

  • Yingdong

    I personally wouldn't trust used pc and components, plus they are mostly outdated hardware. As it is Black Friday season, I would choose to try my luck on mainstream pc manufacturers like dell/lenovo/hp, search some coupon online, activate cashbacks, look for discounts, it would be much better in both performance and reliability than second hand pc in my opinion.

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