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My daughters purchased a refurbished HP laptop from Micro Center around February of this year. She tried using it a couple days ago and it wouldn't boot up. After going through all the diagnostics we could find, it cant access the OS on the hard drive. I might be wrong, but shouldn't a refurbished laptop have all factory components in it? Its supposed to have a 256gb SSD in it. It does, but I cant see HP using a KingFast F10 SSD. Its supposed to be an automatic encrypting hard drive. I cant find hardly any information on this hard drive, and it only had two mounting screws holding it in out of four. Is this standard practice for a refurbished laptop, or is it a Micro Center issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Ian

    Greetings. Refurbished means has been refurbished to original factory specifications or better by the original manufacturer or their designated manufacturing facility. The product is fully tested by component. Any electronic hardware not passing diagnostic testing is replaced. More information can be found at:

    It should be noted Micro Center does not perform the refurbishing. It would be done by the manufacturer or a third party HP has authorized to perform this service.

    If you are having an issue with the laptop not turning on, you can bring it by a Micro Center store for someone to take a look at it in person and help determine what the issue may be. No appointment needed.

  • Nothappy

    I understand that Micro Center does not refurbish the laptops. I was wondering if an authorized third party company may be using non authorized parts and Micro Center not knowing about it. I don't think HP would send out refurbished products that require four screws to mount an ssd in a laptop to only have two in it. And by looking at the mounting you can tell it originally had four. It just appears that Micro center doesn't know what type of work that's being put into these refurbished products. I understand Micro Center isn't responsible for inspecting equipment that comes from a reputable company or someone that company certifies to do work for them. All I'm saying is this HP laptop wasn't refurbished to the guidelines you referred me to that I have already read. This ssd doesn't even match HP's specifications sheet for this laptop.

  • Ian

    The refurbisher would have to be authorized by HP to work on their products, I'm personally not sure what brands HP would deem not authorized, I'm sure they work with many different vendors and refurbishing companies for their products.

    I'm sorry you are having an issue with the drive or the laptop itself, for the best assistance with this I'd advise to bring the laptop in to a Micro Center store so they can help determine what's going on with your laptop and further assist with repairs directly at your local store.

  • GoatForHire

    You really can't go off the original specs sheet as they make modifications to these products based on what the refurbisher has available parts wise. I have used some refurbished laptops before that literally have Windows 7 stickers on the case and it had Windows 10.

    Parts fail regardless of brand, doesn't matter if it's Samsung, Dell, HP, or some no-name parts maker. It happens.

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