Corsair iCue 4 .... How to Uninstall???

danbo948 ✭✭
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Windows 10 w/ latest updates on a custom build w/ ASUS motherboard.

When my computer was built at MicroCenter, Corsair iCue was loaded. I probably said OK without knowing anything about it

The lights on/in my computer, controlled by iCue 4, were fun at first, but now are causing friction in my home. No kidding, this is becoming a big deal.

I went to the Corsair website but kept falling into rabbit holes. They seem to think everyone is a developer.

I remember opening the iCue interface a year ago and turning off some of the lights, but now the program is a dud ... nothing happens with any of the .exe files.

When I go to Windows 10 SETTINGS to uninstall iCue 4, it tells me it cannot find certain files (10.273_release.msi), so it cannot continue operation (uninstall). I can't find the file either. What can I do???

Would I be totally screwed if I deleted all the Corsair iCue files from the Programs folder?

Thank you for any help.


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