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I’m trying to build myself a pc will be my first and I want to know if I’m choosing the right parts in terms of compatibility, the parts will be:

MBO: Asus B550-A RoG Strix Amd

cpu: Rysen 9 5900x

gpu: evga Rtx 3070 ti 

Ram: Corsair vengeance 4x8GB (I don’t know how many pin I will need on this rams for the MBO that I’m choosing )

SSd: 980 evo 3.0x4 Samsung 

PSU:  I don’t know what PSU W. I will need for this build. I need help with this one. 


  • Yingdong

    You have a compatible and solid build.

    However I would recommend you to go with 3070/3080 instead of 3070ti. 3070ti is only a ~5% performance uplift from 3070, while 3070 ti draws 290w instead of 230w of 3070.

    For ram any ddr4 ram will work. I personally advise you to go with ballistix 4x8gb 3600mhz+, as ryzen platform loves high frequency rams. Micron(crucial) e dies were known for its good overclock ability, while corsair's lower end ram kits are basically garbages while being much more expensive.

    Also it would be better to go with samsung 980 pro or WD sn850 to utilize pcie4.0. The 980 non pro has this dramless design, limited both heat and performance, is mainly for thin and light laptop usage.

    About the psu, for your exact build 750w would be enough. I would advice you to choose seasonic as its a reputed brand on psu.

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