What days should I wait in line at the Tustin store to get a GPU?

What days should I wait in line at the Tustin store to get a GPU?

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    Greetings, as our Community staff is not located at a specific store, the information we have on shipments is listed in the FAQ:

     Shipments will vary by the store for these high-demand products as delivery dates and times are subject to change due to the nature of trucking schedules, the weather, etc. We recommend coming to the store and speaking with associates in our Build Your Own department. They may be able to provide an idea of when they receive shipments.

    To add on to this FAQ answer, I have seen some store locations post a sheet out front when they do not have cards at or before their specified raffle time. If there are no cards, there is not a raffle / QR code posted. Also, if cards are still available after the raffle, they may be purchased by customers in-store during regular business hours.

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