Buzzing noise from new PSU whenever motion on screen or graphics being generated?


I just built a new budget gaming PC, and there is an obvious buzzing noise that happens whenever anything is moving on the screen -- whether I'm using my mouse, scrolling down a webpage with my keyboard, or watching a video or game. If my PC is just sitting there not doing anything, the buzzing is not there. Once I start moving my mouse (or doing anything), it starts buzzing in proportion to how much motion is happening on the screen. I'm still relatively new to PC building, so I am trying to narrow down which component I should return and get a different one of (just purchased a few days ago), or heck, if it's something I can fix.

The buzzing is by far the most obvious and loudest when my ear is near the PSU. Using HWiNFO64 I've monitored my temps, and all temps are plenty below any worrying level. No issues with crashes or lockups so far. I've tried it in different outlets with different surge protectors or lack thereof. I've unplugged all USB devices and the noise is still there if a video is playing or there is motion. I do NOT have speakers connected, nor headphones.

System specs:

CPU: Ryzen 7 5700G (no dedicated GPU, using integrated graphics)

MB: AsRock B550M Pro4

RAM: Crucial Ballistix 16GB (2x8GB) dual channel, 3200mhz

SDD: Samsung 980 500GB M.2 NVME

PSU: PowerSpec RGB 650W Semi-Modular

Case: Lian Li 205M (I think?) mid-tower, microATX

Am I right to be pretty confident it's something to do with the PSU? If so, can I do anything with the PSU to try and eliminate the buzz (reinstall in a special way, put it outside the case, adjust some component you think might be interfering, whatever other solutions you've found)? Or should I just return it and get a different power supply? you think I am completely off and it's something other than the PSU?


  • Yingdong

    It's likely the PSU. It sounds like the PSU has a coil whine issue, it is quite normal for the lower end PSUs I say. As long as you can stand the sound it's fine. The only easy solution for this is to get another PSU...

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