External enclosures: NAS or RAID

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Background: I'm moving from a MacPro workstation that has 4 internal drives. These are independent and I use Carbon Clone backup software. So...Drive 1: Mac OS, Drive 2: Mac OS Backup, Drive 3: my files, Drive 4: Back up of Drive 3. And yes, a large partitioned external for offsite backup. 3...2...1 plan.

I'm moving to a Macbook Pro 16" M1 Max with a 2TB SSD. I need an enclosure to mimic what I'm already doing (4 separate HDs).

I bought the Mediasonic 4 bay RAID enclosure last week and thinking I made an error since I can't run the drives independently. I could - if need be - run a RAID 1 so that drives 1&2 are mirrored, 3&4 are mirrored.

But I would prefer to keep them separate and continue using Carbon Clone. I’m not a fan of mirrored drives since - if you make a mistake with files that mistake is instantly copied.

I’m a photographer who works with tech daily and could use advise on this particular quandary.


Matt Lit



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