Reserving GPU

edited December 2021 in General Discussion

Given how few and far between Micro Center stores are, it seems like it should be possible to reserve a GPU. I realize that people line up before the store opens, but I would venture to guess that an hour after the stores open, those people have gotten what they were waiting for. When you live over two hours away, driving to a physical store in hopes they will have what you want is counterproductive. It would be great if it was possible to reserve any item an hour after the store has opened. That way you know if you are making the journey to the store that it will not be a waste of time and energy.


  • Yingdong

    This question had been asked more than a hundred times, and the answer is still no. If they do allow reserves on gpu it would be just like the b&h photo waitlist and the evga queue, people waiting on queue for more than 6 months and still no words heard.

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