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My son bought a computer last week at the Denver, CO Micro Center. The computer had hardware defects. After struggling to get someone to help him, on the phone, for THREE DAYS he was finally able to speak to an associate who told him he could return the system for an even exchange or store credit. This is my first issue. It has been 5 days and he should have been able to return the computer system for a FULL REFUND. He brought the system back to the store that is 40 miles from him and he has no car. He gets there and the techs in store told him it is basically not a great desktop. They had others brought back that they were replacing parts on, they said he could leave it and come back in a few days once they rebuild the issue or he could exchange it for a lesser machine and then purchase the upgrades. I am livid! I am a loyal Micro Center customer and have been for YEARS. I actually recommended he come to this store for this purchase. And then they took complete advantage of a young man on his own. They not only "traded" him a lesser machine but then they had the audacity to CHARGE him to upgrade to get SOME similar specs. He went from the ASUS ROG Strix GA15 Gaming PC Platinum Collection to the PowerSpec G509 Gaming PC. The powerspec has half of the memory with a slower stream and it has only a QUARTER of the drive. He went from 1TB HDD AND 1 TB SSD to 500GB SSD. He lost the Bluetooth upgrade and the high def audio. And he paid an extra $27 to lose it. I am appalled! I am just glad that I found out the Micro Center does NOT have the customers best interest at heart. I guess it's back to online shopping for me.  

UPDATE: The POWER SPEC they sold him has the same FAULTY motherboard as the ASUS and again he has to return the PC. Even Tech support was completely shocked at the awful step down they gave him! I do hope that someone from the Denver, Colorado store is reading this!


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