Question about parts list and is budget going to the right places


It has been a long time since I updated my gaming rig and want to jump to 4k gaming capabilities. I don't mind spending top dollar for CPU and GPU but want to save money elsewhere when possible. The biggest question marks I have is 1) is the motherboard sufficient or is there a better option without busting the bank, 2) is the case fan sufficient to cool if the AIO is on the top, 3) I tend to watch videos (streaming) while I play some games so will two sticks of ram be sufficient or would I need to go to 4 sticks (this is coming from an observation that sometimes my system seems to degrade in performance while streaming and I only have 2 sticks currently).


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    You might reconsider the 6900XT in favor of a 6800XT. I have a 6800XT and it is really strong. With 80 compute units in the 69 and 72 in the 68, you pay almost double for 9% more power which is probably hard to notice.

    You could get a much better case like Corsair 500D Airflow or LianLi Dynamic and go all in on custom loop instead of aio for the price difference.

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