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Looking for unlocked smartphones, tablets, or wearables? Check out our newly redesigned mobile department*!

*Redesigned mobile department available in all stores except Brentwood, MO. Brentwood will be ready in January, 2022.

We've overhauled our entire Mobile department to make it easier for you! Featuring 50 phones, 21 tablets, 24 wearables, and a dozen car electronics, we've got them all spread out and easily viewable. No more wondering what they might look like behind that glass case, you can touch, feel, and experience before you buy!

But that's not all - our mobile department specializes in unlocked smartphones!

What is an Unlocked Smartphone?

An unlocked smartphone is one that isn't bound to any carrier. If you were to go into a carrier store and purchase a phone, you could only use that phone on that carrier. You won't be locked into any phone-based plans or contracts with your carrier by going with an unlocked phone. And, they're just as easy to set-up as a carrier phone!

Why Buy an Unlocked Smartphone?

1) The freedom to change carriers, phones, or plans whenever you want

When you purchase an unlocked phone, you won't be tied to a single carrier or forced to use a single phone until you've repaid your contract. And switching is as easy and popping out your SIM card and putting it in a different phone!

2) They're often cheaper than locked smartphones

Locked smartphones through carriers may seem cheaper in the moment, but when the bill comes, so do the hidden fees. Unlocked smartphones are a flat cost, nothing hidden and no bill-time surprises!

3) They make traveling a breeze

Thanks to the ease of swapping SIM cards, unlocked phones make for the perfect traveling companion. Just pop in the SIM card from wherever you're going, and you're up and running. No fussing with international plans or confusing overseas carriers!

4) Dual SIM Opportunities

If you're a frequent traveler, a lot of unlocked smartphones come with two SIM card slots so you can easily switch between carriers as you travel. Or, if you're doing double duty with work and home life, seamlessly switch modes with the press of a button!

5) No Carrier-Based Bloatware

Every carrier phone has a ton of apps that are preinstalled and can be an absolute pain to uninstall if they let you at all. Unlocked phones come factory stock. No added apps, programs, or bloatware from your carrier!

The (Quick) Micro Center Smartphone Buying Guide

Looking for a last-minute holiday gift for your tech-fiend friend? We've got a huge variety of smartphones for every budget!

Renewed Apple iPhones

Apple iPhone 8 Unlocked 4G LTE - Space Gray (Refurbished) Smartphone

Quick Specs:

  • 2 GB RAM/64 GB Storage
  • 4.7" Retina HD Display
  • 12 Megapixel Camera
  • iOS 13

If you're looking for an inexpensive cell phone perfect to ease your child into cell phone ownership, it's hard to go wrong with a refurbished iPhone. Known for their ease-of-use and top-tier security, a classic iPhone 8 is the definitive intersection of security and cost-effectiveness. They're great for a simple business or travel phone too!

Apple iPhone 11 Unlocked 4G LTE - Black (Refurbished) Smartphone


Quick Specs:

  • 4 GB RAM/64 GB Storage
  • 6.1'' Liquid Retina HD Display
  • 12 Megapixel + 12 Megapixel Camera
  • iOS 14
  • Single Nano SIM

If you're looking for something a bit more modern while still sticking to a budget, the Apple iPhone 11 Unlocked is the way to go. Featuring Apple's iconic Liquid Retina HD display, this is a phone that begs to be shown off. On-board cameras can shoot stunning photos and videos with Ultrawide, wide, and telephoto lenses, all supported by an A13 Bionic chip.

Nokia Unlocked Phones

Nokia 5.4 Unlocked 4G LTE - Polar Night Smartphone

Quick Specs:

  • GSM
  • 4 GB RAM/128 GB Storage
  • 6.39'' IPS LCD Display
  • 48 Megapixel + 5 Megapixel + 2 Megapixel Camera + 2 Megapixel
  • Android 10
  • Dual Nano SIM

On the flip side, the Nokia smartphone is one that'll stand up to the titans of the phone market. Featuring multiple high-quality cameras, a 6.39" IPS LCD screen, and enough RAM and storage to handle almost anything you can throw at it, this is a top-tier phone for a budget price.

BLU Unlocked Phones

BLU J5L J0050WW Unlocked 4G LTE - Black Smartphone

Quick Specs:

  • GSM
  • 1 GB RAM/ 32 GB Storage
  • 5" IPS LCD Display
  • 8 Megapixel Camera
  • Android 10 (Go edition)
  • Dual Nano/ Micro SIM

Need a budget Android smartphone? BLU's got your back. The J5L isn't going to be the most powerful device on the market, but it'll certainly get the job done. With 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, it'll even handle light Android apps and productivity work.

BLU G91 Pro Unlocked 4G LTE - Gray Smartphone

  • GSM
  • 6 GB RAM/128 GB Storage
  • 6.7'' IPS LCD Display
  • 48 Megapixel Camera
  • Andriod 11
  • Dual Nano SIM

Need a budget Android smartphone with some oomph? Blu's got your back again. With a whopping six gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage, the G91 comes to play and work. A 6.7" IPS LCD screen and 48 Megapixel camera make this one of the best smartphones you can get, all for under $200.

Looking for more phones, tablets, or wearables?

Come visit us in-store, browse our newly redesigned mobile department, and be sure to ask our associates what they would recommend for your exact needs!

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