Maingear laptop crashed



  • mcmoua21

    I purchased the MG-VCP17A yesterday in Tustin, CA. It was working great yesterday and today as I was setting up it up. When I downloaded Steam and attempted to play Among Us (yes, it should have been able to handled it), the laptop crashed. It happened two times.. Any advice on how to fix this? Side note: I didn't download any drivers except for the AMD and Nvidia drivers, so that could also be the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. To my surprise, one of the Microcenter employees mentioned that they have a lot of these MainGear laptops in their service department. I think this is a great laptop, and am optimistic that it's a small issue that can be resolved. Thanks!

  • Ian

    Greetings, when you say it crashed, did you get a blue screen or did the laptop's screen just go dark etc.? Did you get any errors/error messages?

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