Faulty Asus Tuf Gaming Z690-Plus Wifi Network Chip


Hello, I purchased the Asus Tuf Gaming Z690-Plus Wifi and found out after the fact that Asus has been using faulty intel Network chips in their boards apparently for a while now, as seen in several discussions:

I bought 90% of the parts for the PC at Micro Center (pretty much everything that was available in the store) including the mobo and was wondering what should be done at this point. I'm not saying it is Micro Center's fault but I now have wasted 1.5 hours and the thermal paste I bought making this machine only to find out that the Mobo has known issues.

Would it be possible to bring the PC in and have someone help rebuild the PC and provide thermal paste? If it was an SSD or something it would have been no big deal but since it is the Mobo has known issues, that means it will have to be a complete rebuild.

Looking forward to hearing from Micro Center


  • GoatForHire

    I'm a little confused reading this your post.

    Are you stating you are having issues with Ethernet on your board?

    A couple of reddit threads doesn't mean every board they sell is defective, people only post when they have issues, which means the 99% who aren't having issues aren't posting.

  • viper949
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    I'm not saying every one of them isn't working. You are right, I should have been more clear, I am just wondering if I bring it in if they would be willing to help rebuild it since it is not a user error or anything and literally everything else is working perfectly it is just the nic on the mobo sadly.

  • Ian


    I assume you have tried common troubleshooting such as driver uninstall/reinstalls etc. Is your computer just not seeing any networks?

    If you'd like to bring it you are more than welcome to.  

    I'd recommend creating an appointment with our service department using the included link. https://service.microcenter.com/ServiceRepairSignUp/Reservation/Create

    Our certified technicians can diagnose the issue and provide the best path to a resolution.

    Please select your local store and category of the device issue and add a brief description.

    Select an available appointment time that best serves you and fill in your contact info.

  • viper949
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    Thanks, I will do that now.

    Also yes I did everything including reinstalling the OS

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    I remember a few things about this issue from a while ago. I actually have an ASUS X570-E on my main system. First I recall intel released a 1.45 firmware update for the i225-V to address this issue. Beyond that I seem to recall the main issue was detecting the speed and duplex from the router itself and this seemed to be more of an issue with specific routers/gateways. I recall AT&T Gateways were one of the effected. If you stuck a switch between it, or tunneled through another PC, issue didn't exist. You might also be able to manually set the speed and duplex in device manager.

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