Will Microcenter help me find a new AIO Cooler and install it?


Hello! Awhile back I bought a prebuilt computer from another website. Unfortunately the AIO Cooler was defective and went bad, so bad my computer is overheating. After reading about it online, apparently that websites stock cooler does not have the best reputation and I got recommendations to change it to something. What I was wondering is if I bought my computer in to Microcenter would they help me pick out a new(and hopefully better) AIO Cooler that'll fit in my PC and install it for me?

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    Greetings. Yes, you can come in and work with a Build Your Own salesperson who would be happy to help you pick out a new cooler. In most cases, we can work on most brands of PCs at our service desk and install it in store as well. No appointment needed.


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