CPU upgrade?


Hey guys,

I am currently running an older build that Ive had (Pretty ancient)

CPU ; Ryzen 5 1600

MOBO : Asus Prime A320M-a

Ram 2x 8gb Vengeance RGB PRO

Asus Dual 1060 6gb

500w PSU

and I had a question, since I recently picked up an EVGA GeForce 3060 xc gaming (Non TI) I wanted to get more bang for my buck, and since Im running an older version of bios I was wondering if I should take the time to take my computer to my nearest MicroCenter and upgrade my bios so it would be compatible with a better CPU or if it would be better for me to just buy a Mobo/CPU combo in-store and install it that way. Any responses would be greatly appreciated


  • Yingdong

    I think only asrock did the bios upgrade to support ryzen 5000s for a320 mobo. For now, the most A-320m prime can go is ryzen 3000s cpu or 4000s apu. So I suggest you to wait for a few more months to see if asus decide to add support of ryzen 5000s to the mobo, since ryzen 5000s is such a performance leap forward compare to ryzen 3000s.

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