Dropped off build for diagnostics and repair


Dropped of my system last wed for a diagnostic and repair. Today is Sat. 4 days later. At this point all that has been done is to tell me what I already told service dept. when I dropped it off. Windows wont load or boot up and cant install fresh copy of windows 10 install. Anyone know how long it generally takes for a proper diagnostic and or repair? All part have been purchased from Micro center. System consists of ASUS MAXIMUS XIII

HERO mother board, Intel 10700k CPU, 4 sticks of G-SKILL 8gig ram, 2 Samsung 1 tb m.2 drives, Corsair H115i platinum CPU cooler, EVGA platinum 1300wat psu. Last but not least the pricey Powercolor AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Ultimate graphics card. Guess I've got a few bucks tied up into this system....

Everything ran fine till I experienced a crash and windows started trying to run automatic repair mode. It kept looping and freezing up when it would try to load windows. Eventually I said heck with it and decided to try a fresh install of windows 10. Last resort cause I didn't want to lose everything. Again it freezes up and will not install windows. I explained all this when I dropped it off. So far 4 days latter they tell me the same thing I told them....?

Now this is not my first rodeo. I've been building systems since back into the DOS days and the progression of windows. I'm inclined to think it is some type of hardware issue or possibly setting in the Bios. I've set Bios back to default settings already in hopes that it wasn't seeing the drives for the install and set the boot sequence properly. Still to no avail. I hate to admit that I had to bring it in but just how long for them to give me a creditable answer on this? Also I hope they don't come back and tell me something like your mother board is bad. Now mind you It will post and boot fine into the Bios. I also went into the Bios and ran the m.2 tests which report fine from the bios. It also sees all sticks of ram. I hope they dont want to go down the RMA process for the parts because I purchased eveything from them except the power supply and that I bough directly from EVGA. Anyone with any thoughts of this? And thank you


  • Ian

    Greetings, I am sorry, our Community staff is not located in a specific store so we would not be sure of the turnaround time at the stores for service. Typically this is provided by a technician at time of drop off and would vary by store location.

    Depending on the store, repair times may be roughly a week or more dependent on how busy the store is vs. the amount of staffing they have.

    To check status of your repair, you may do so on the service website as well: https://www.microcenter.com/site/service/repair-order.aspx 

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