How am I supposed to get international service with my extended warranty?

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I purchased an extended warranty with international coverage (including accidental damage) for a new system I purchased a few months ago. I'm now overseas and need to get my laptop repaired, but everytime I speak to someone at MicroCenter I'm given different informatoin about how I'm supposed to getting repairs. I've tried speaking to multiple people on oline chat support, and now i'm on hold with the phone number in the coverage terms and no one is picking up.

The terms and conditions say I need to bring it to an authorized service center, but there's no information about how to find an 'authorized service center' anywhere, and my HP laptop support doesn't provide any service Internationally. I'm beginning to feel pretty certain this was a $400 rip off.


  • Ian

    Greetings, looking into this I do see you were able to get in touch with our phone team and from what I see here they were able to further assist you with this process.

  • Mike_D
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    edited December 2021

    Not really. After finally getting through on the phone I spoke with someone who was very nice and tried to be helpful, but who didn't really know what to do or how to help. Neither him nor his lead were able to figure out what they were supposed to do to satisfy the terms and conditions, and they told me that if I can't find an authorized HP service center then they would simply refund the cost of the extended warranty. However, now that I've looked at the terms I see it's very clear that if I can't get the service I need then you'll be resonsible to replace or refund the cost of my system, not just the warranty.

    I can't believe that a company is prepared to sell a $400 service package and not train its staff on how it's supposed to work. I highly recommend everyone stay away from the warranty here if they don't live right next to one of the stores.

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