Desktop dead, help with new pc build needed


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I've been trying to research desktop components and prebuilt models, but I'm more of a software person than hardware, and all the options and numbers and ratings have me in a spin.

I would like a build that can handle blender modeling (cartoony, lower poly count usually, nothing hyper realistic), various digital art tools such as Rebelle and ClipStudio, and Unity programming, as well as light to medium gaming (no multiplayer FPS streaming, mostly pretty casual, Subnautica may be one of my most graphically intense titles). 

This is the build I've put together so far, without to much justification between choices

really not sure if the water cooling is something I should go with, I've never had any experience with it, but read it can help extend part longevity.

and maybe this case to go with it

I would like to add a nice GPU when they (hopefully) get a bit easier to come by, so for now something with good integrated graphics is a top priority in the build. 

I'm hoping to keep it a budget build under $1000. 

Any suggestions? Prebuilt or custom? Ways to cut corners, or corners to avoiding cutting? Let me know if there's any important information I should have mentioned.

Thanks a bunch for any help!


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