Asus Prime Z690 return


So I have a small problem. Not small actually, a HUGE problem. I live in Brazil and I asked my brother that lives in Baltimore to buy some components for my new PC at Parkville MicroCenter. One of these components was ASUS PRIME Z690 DDR5 motherboard. Yes DDR5, and he was supposed to buy DDR4 (my fault kinda since I should have told him the exact model name). Now, I have a DDR4 RAM with DDR5 mobo. What should I do? DDR5 RAMs are not just out of stock, but they are also extremely overpriced. And I can't return it to MC because he came to Brazil for christmas and won't be back in 15 days, which is the return period. And I don't think I could resell it for a reasonable price here (just to have an idea, DDR5 is cheaper than DDR4 motherboards right now). I'm completely lost on what to do lmao, so I'm asking for some advice.


  • Ian

    Greetings. Honestly we will not have a direct option on support for this.

    You can try arrange shipping back to your brother and if purchased since November 3rd, it can be returned through January 15th with our holiday return period.

    Otherwise, if you are not in the same country now as one of our stores, the best thing is I can advise is to look for a computer parts store in your area that may have RAM available.

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