Where is the customer support center to write the complaint?


Hi, I'm an ordinary person who loves electronics and computers living in Minnesota.

Since I was a student, I have been to the microcenter often, and I have spent a lot of money on electronics because I am interested in computers. Recently, I think I used more than 10k at the microcenter St. Louis branch alone. Recently, I also made a microcenter credit card. As such, the quality of microcenter products and customer response services have always been the best for me.

Today is the first time I get the worst service I've never experienced in a microcenter, so I'm writing it down here.

An employee named "Eli. B" was in charge of my transaction. When I asked if I could pay with a cash, he replied, "Oh, I don't have an cash register(or bag?)," and continued to transact. Usually, don't they ask in a way that helps the customer can pay with a cash? I and my wife were a bit dumbfounded, so I stood next to my wife for a few seconds and asked him again carefully. "Doesn't the microcenter accept cash payment?" and he said, "I've never said that. I just don't have cash in this counter." We could feel him pissed a bit.

Eventually, I asked again. "I want to pay cash, so can you move it to the cash register that has a cash bag?" Then he looked at me with a very suspicious look, and saying, "What is your concern?" At that time, I didn't express my anger, but my wife and I were very angry. We were embarrassed by the attitude of the employee that we had never experienced in the microcenter for five years.

I said, "I have no concern. I just wanted to pay in cash." Then he handed over the laptop I was going to buy and receipts to the cashier next to him, showing a very signs of holding back his anger and looking me in the eye. It was really absurd. Then he didn't stop staring into my eyes until the end of my payment process. I and my wife felt like we ruined our feeling from the first schedule of Christmas Eve. I've never received such a service in my life. He will never be a person who suppose work in customer service.

I didn't do anything that would offend him first, or edit, omit, or exaggerate this writing in my favor. Both I and my family are people who laugh well and have a humorous atmosphere at all time. The service I experienced today should never happen. I'll go visit microcenter again after the holidays, and officially report this in more detail. I was in St. Louis Park branch at 12:40~45pm. This is very disappointing.


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