Can you put funko pops in a pc?


I have a case with little to no room to put a Funko Pop in other than the GPU and I was wondering if it is safe to put the pop on the gpu(1660 Super) it has just a flat surface but I have no idea if it will melt and contemplating whether ort not to do it


  • JS_MC

    There really isn't a 100% yes or no answer here.

    You'd want to make sure that it was not on the hot area of the card, near the GPU core. I would advise caution but also don't see how it would harm it to try. I've seen it done in other builds before, but I haven't had the opportunity to discuss the impact of the Funko Pop with them.

    Do so at your own risk, but if it improves your case aesthetic, I'd think it would be okay to try. :)

  • Scary_Guy

    I'd run a GPU benchmark testing program to let it heat up, and read parts of the card with a thermometer and/or use a themo imaging infrared camera. After that take a pop you don't like/care about and throw it on a stove to see at what point it begins to melt (or maybe you could just look that up somehow.)

    You could also put a small platform under the pop to try to mitigate any heat radiating into it. However that may also contribute to an overheating of the card.

    You could also pick something that isn't a Funko Pop and is metal. Unless it's a themed PC and the Pop you're using goes with the theme.

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