Gigabyte board, i7, 64GB RAM (RipJaw DDR3-1600)

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I brought a PC home from work that was (excessed--i.e., "who wants it?") after someone left. It was a custom build with a Gigabyte board, the fastest i7 at that time (~5 years ago), and it has 4 small RipJaw RAM cards (F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL) which are DDR-3-1600.

A couple years ago, I removed the two spin-disks, installed a 1TB SSD drive, and Win 10 via DVD. However, boot up time was very slow, so I need setup help. Overall, I am now dusting this system off as I need more compute power.

For a system like this, do you suppose a newer Ryzen or i7 could be plugged into the GigaByte board, along with a new RAM upgrade, or would you go with a new board and something like a 12-core CPU?

FYI, I don't want to put more than say $500-1000 into this system.


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