Micro Center Community Year in Review - The Best of YOU!


The Micro Center Community would be nothing without our Community members. So we want to celebrate some of our favorite things we saw from you this year!

Build of the Year: 2021

We don't want to spoil the builds - you'll just have to go see them for yourself!

Our Build of the Year poll is still running for a few more days, but we couldn't not highlight these amazing builds one more time. If you're looking for even more stunning builds, be sure to check out our Build Showcase section of the Community for our week-by-week favorites. Or, if you want to see every build submitted, check out the full list right over here.

#Bitwit Build Challenge

Need even more incredible builds in your life? We teamed up with Bitwit for a video full of incredible builds from across the Micro Center Community. He goes in-depth with each build, exploring what he likes about them before crowning one the king of the #Bitwit Build Challenge!

Nanoleaf Shapes Breakdown & Showcase

Facebook - Steven Osborne

When we were putting together this breakdown of the awesome Nanoleaf Shapes, we put out a call for your home Nanoleaf setups, and you delivered. Our community designed some of the coolest room layouts using Nanoleaf, and we're impressed every time we go back to the article!

Share your PC Building Horror Story

Earlier this year, we thought the scariest part of a new build was the first time you turned it on. We were very, very wrong. From falling heat sinks to FBI visits, the Community showed us that there are things far, far scarier than a BSOD.

Show us what you’re 3D Printing

Yes, that is the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, and yes it was 3D printed. And that's just the start of the incredible things our Community is 3D printing. Go check out the post for Oni Majoras Mask, R2-D2, Devil Devil Fruit, and so many more incredibly cool prints!

What do you all think? Did you have a favorite post we missed? Let us know in the comments!

And be sure to check out our Micro Center Community Year In Review - The Best Guides of 2021!

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