Motherboard help please

Someone from microcenter please help, I'm at my witts end with this machine....

There is a semi long history to this but I will try to keep as short as possible...

Basics: DIMM A1 will no longer post with xmp enabled.  Was working fine until Xmas eve when I purchased, installed and attempted to update a MSI CoreLiquid k360.  The firmware update bricked the lcd and in the process of troubleshooting (bios update, windows update, software update, windows refresh, and registry check) the computer began encountering memory related bsod crashes.  

Rolled back bios to previous version that was working prior to aio problems, even cleared cmos and started over, the system would fail to post with xmp enabled.

1 instance where the boot stuck on the cpu check and had to restart. This was after removing current 4 sticks of ram and replacing with 2 known working sticks (g.skill) of similar specs in slots A1 and B1... the manual says to put into A2 and B2 but needed to check all 4 slots.

Using known good ram: 

Dropped to 1 stick and ran tests on each slot for post and boot with only slot A1 failing the xmp post.

Did this with both g.skill sticks. Same result with both sticks. 

Moved back to Corsair Dominator Platinum (was running 4x16):

Repeated tests with each stick with same result.

Multiple configurations attempted including 3 stick configurations and all passed until A1 was utilized with xmp enabled.

cmos was cleared after every test, and main power removed before swapping sticks.

Am I on the right track?? Would I be correct in assuming that this is a mobo problem?

Now for my biggest issue, this board was purchased on 10/31/21 so outside of any normal return window, and the additional protection either was not offered or was declined (I don't remember) however it appears to possibly be some sort of manufacturer defect? 

I'm convinced that the mobo will need to be rma'd if covered, but I don't even know if it is... and is it something that mocrocenter can help with? Or am I SOL? 

Please help.

I have tried multiple times to connect to online chat (which is apparently offline...) and have tried email as well. 

MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk WiFi
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200 (4x16)
Powercolor RX 6700 XT Red Devil
2TB WD Black SN750 (2x1TB)
10TB WD Black Gaming 7200rpm


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