Looking for Upgrade Help/Information.


Hey Everyone!

I'm exhausted from scouring the internet for information - reading reddit - user reviews - userbenchmark - etc. I am looking to upgrade my from my Ryzen 5 3600 AND my AORUS B450M - as I feel the remaining components of my computer are working overtime to keep up with each other, and vice - versa.

Lately i've been noticing tearing in my games, frame skips, CPU spikes, etc - all while playing/streaming. And performance has just been sub-par on the CPU end of things. Nothing is overclocked in the AMD Controls - it's all just minor adjustments for visual and performance improvements - but nowhere near pushing its limits. The CPU spikes are the biggest concerns I have.

I've been looking at the Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 series to change from the 5-3600.

And I've been looking at the B550/X570 MB upgrades.

What are your thoughts?

My Current Setup :

AORUS B450M. - - RYZEN 5 3600 6 CORE - - AMD RX 5700XT - - 16GB DDR4 VENGEANCE PRO - and a Kingston Powersupply for which i'm too lazy to open the case to check the Wattage.

  • Shane


  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @Srich603

    Thank you for contacting micro center. So for the system the processor will help processor information better as they will have more speed and potentially more cores. When you have these issues and notice the spikes, do you see anything happening with the graphics cards at all?

  • Srich603
    @TSKevinG Hey ! Thanks for responding. I actually don’t see any GPU issues - spikes - temp issues. I use my CPU for Streamlabs encoding streaming - and I notice it affects that too. I feel like I’m asking a lot of a CPU/MB that really can’t keep up with the demand.  
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