Discriminatory Customer Service and Management

I was just racially profiled and had my item temporarily confiscated upon trying to exchange an item in the Houston store today. They made me wait in a corner near the checkout and said that they have to verify that it is my item and not stolen. 25 minutes later after being rudely treated even after I informed them I had to return to work from my break, I was handed my item with no type of apology or no communication at all. This was a terribly embarrassing shopping experience and I really doubt all customers are treated this way with no receipt exchanges. I believe I was being racially discriminated against for being a black male. This business will likely never receive any patronage from me in the future. This experience was disgusting.


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    Hello. I'm so very sorry to hear about your experience in our store.

    Thank you for sharing your feedback here, allowing us to know about this situation and to have the opportunity to improve!

    There are a couple of ways that I would encourage you to share this feedback to ensure that this is properly addressed.

    After your return/transaction in the store, you should have received a receipt. You can use the information from your receipt to fill out a survey here. https://insite.intelli-shop.com/custom/shoppers/Microcenter/LinkProcessing.php These are reviewed by the store management and our corporate office.

    You may also reach out to us at custrel@microcenter.com

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

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