Ever Had a GPU Fan Stuck at 100% With No Resolve in Sight? ASUS DUAL GTX 1650 MINI OC.


Hi Everybody,

Yesterday I purchased an "economical to times" GPU till my Radeon RX 6600 XT gets back from MSI.

After install the device seems mostly stable for processor and function; however, the fan is stuck on at 100% and neither the Asus GPU Tweak tool, GeForce software, or MSI afterburner see the fan running.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the drivers many times the software all sees the fan speed @ 0% and the fan speed is not adjustable in any software.

An additional kicker is the GPU Tweak tools freeze up Armoury Crate monitoring until the software uninstall and an Armoury Crate re-install.

I've submitted a ticket with Asus but wonder if anybody else has ever had any issues similar.

Any similar stories or is my unit just needing returned?


  • bwguyer

    An update for this.

    The single fan (or right-side fan,) is still running at 100 percent,) but I have gained control of the "left-side fan."

    After doing an update on the Asus z590 Gundam bios (brand new) and updating Intel drivers I can adjust fan speed of the "left fan and see the speed adjustments in the graphs."

    Now I'm searching for a way to adjust "right fan." I see nothing related to it in any software though.

    It looks possible that the system control is somehow saying 22 degrees is the max temp setting for the "right-fan." Setting for the target temp is default @ 82 degrees but there may be a "right fan" control that isn't obvious.

    Still an open issue.

  • Swilli306
    Hi, I know this thread is a few months old, but I had the same problem, and was able to fix the issue. If you feel able simply remove the fan bracket from the GPU. 

    Under the black tape you will fine 3 fan links. You will see where the Main PWM fan links up with the secondary fan (the one running at 100%) and the small LED at the top of the bracket. 

    You will see the blue and yellow wire plugged into the LED at the top, and the black and brown wires plugged into the secondary fan (this is where the issue is) 

    The brown and black wires are supposed to be linked to the LED , and the blue and yellow wires linked to the secondary fan. 


    Simple swap the two fan plugs , and you will have full PWM control of both fans. 
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