Best $3000 you can spend

Case Corsair 4000x white with commander pro RGB hub
Asus TUF-Gaming plus wifi Z590
Corsair H100i Capplex with Corsair Lighting node white
32gb 3600 cl16 Corsair Vengeance RGB Ram white
1tb pci 4.0 NVMe Samsung 980
2tb wd black 72000rpm HDD.
1 Corsair LL120 RGB white fan exhaust total 6 RGB fans 2 RGB strips.
Corsair RM850watt white 
And the crowning star an Asus TUF-Gaming 3080 now I don't know if it's because I bought a Chinese marketed gpu but I was forced to vertically mount the gpu. Achieved 5.215ghz cores 1/7 5.15ghz 2/4 remainder of cores 4.9. and I spent a total of $160 on the vertical mount and I just had to have the pci gen 4 riser cable so once again pecice it together out of clearance items. I bought a cosair 3.0 riser cable Incase I wasn't able to mcgyver the pci 4.0 riser cable plus mount.


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