First time building, *I think* I know what I'm doing but would love feedback...


As the title says, I'm new to building my first PC and I don't really have an idea what I'm doing. This list is from what I've gathered can get the job done for what I'm looking for.

I'll be running mostly racing sims, (iRacing, BeamNG Drive, Assetto Corsa, Dirt titles, Project Cars 2) as well as some light modeling in Blender, though with a relatively low poly count and no rendering. I'd like to run things at 1080p and high/max settings.

For starters from what I've gathered the Ryzen 5 5600X is not only the best bang for my buck, but I can also get it in a bundle with the Asus TUF Gaming X57 Plus mother boad for a better price than each of the items separately. I don't have a CPU cooler selected on my list, but if needed I was thinking of going with a Cool Master Hyper 212 RBG (though not on the selectable list). RAM selected is pretty straight forward, don't need any RGB on that and have learned that 3200 is the sweet spot for speed. The case selected on the list is a Corsair 4000D, however I will be going with the Corsair Airflow 4000D (again not selectable on the list, but they have the same form factor just a different front panel) and it will be black, not white. The power supply I originally had was a 750w unit, but then I saw that my parts were only using 383w so I chose a 500w unit, is this a bad move? Should I buy the extra power if necessary and go with a 600 or 750w unit?

Now the fun part! *I think* I can get my hands on a Radeon RX6600 XT 8GB GPU, and that sounds like a solid choice more than capable of what I need but also not making a massive dent in my wallet. I think the XFX model has 3 fans instead of 2 as selected on the list, would this really matter?

As far as SSD goes this is where I have practically no knowledge. I chose the Cricual MX500 because it has good reviews and isn't terribly pricy. Other than wanting 1TB I have no preference here, this might even be a terrible SSD for gaming so any recommendations here would be very welcome.

Lastly, I really don't care about looks and RGB, that makes no difference to performance so I don't really care about it. The only reason I went with 3 RGB case fans, RGB keyboard and mouse, and the possible Cool Master Hyper 212 RGB is if I part ways with the system in a few years and that matters to someone. But it really matters none to me.

My ideal budget is $1,300 but willing to spend up to $1,500 on everything if it'll benefit my in the long run (next few years) and to never have to think about performance for a while.

Like the title says, this is my first time attempting to build a PC, so I may have things completely wrong and picked incorrectly, so any and all constructive criticism, feedback, pointers, and recommendations are very welcome! Thanks in advance!


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