WHY are gift cards not accepted as online payment?


I was happy to see Micro Center does online orders -- researched my products, created an order and...extremely disappointed I cannot use the giftcard I received over the holidays. As I understand it, the cards can be purchased, and redeemed, in any store, so they are not store specific, so what's the deal?

Seeing as I'm 2 hours from the nearest store...

Seeming as it's more likely that the online store will have ALL the items I want in one shot...

So...the products you sell are very 21st century, why are your giftcards still in the 20th? Please catch up!


  • JimQPublic


    Bzzzzt. Wrong answer. Re-read my post. I didn't ask IF they could be used.

    I asked WHY CAN'T they be used. Someone in the MicroCenter corporate hierarchy could probably answer this, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Same as WHY can't I see my gift card balance online. So try calling the store...

    And WHY are store phone numbers hidden? I eventually did find one, but it went immediately on hold for 15+ minutes, at which point I gave up.

    Micro Center fills a techy / nerdy big box store niche very well, but daaaaym, their online/phone customer support sucks. Like many other customers, my nearest store is multiple HOURS away by car. I can't just "drop by."

    Once in the store, the employees are very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. And plentiful. Let some of them ANSWER THE PHONE CALLS!

  • GerenM

    I can't answer the why, but to get the balance, just use the "Chat" box at the lower right of the page. They'll ask for the card number and get you a balance.

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