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I got a killer deal on a 5800x. Unfortunately my case lists max cooler height as 155mm. New case isn't in the budget and the only AIO it fits is a 120mm. I've read mixed things on using those when compared to air coolers. Any recommendations? I was using PCPartPicker and most of the top reviewed ones are listed as not compatible.
Current case: Versa H22
I've checked out Noctua and beQuiet's top rated and they all call for a larger height. The one exception being the beQuiet topflow model. I have seen some people talking about the Scythe Fuma 2 being an option as well as the Cryorig H7 too. I'm not familiar with either brand but the reviews online seem to be good.
Anything I'm missing?.


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    Yeah that's a tough one. On the one hand comparable air coolers cost less than a 120mm AIO but that general rule assumes you can use the tower style air coolers. You may be out of luck if your case is too narrow and have to settle for a 120 AIO anyway. 5800X are hot, I've heard, and probably a low profile air cooler won't be enough.

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    The Enermax ETS-N31 CPU cooler is a tower cooler that lists a height as 125 MM. SKU 298281 There are reviews on Microcenter.com with people reporting their experience with 5800x. It uses a 92 mm fan, you may consider adding a second fan to it in push/pull configuration.

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