ASUS B550-F gaming ROG Strix LAN Problems


I am supposed to have 900mbs but when I run a speed test it will get maybe 300 if I am lucky and then bottom out to 0. I am still connected to the internet but will have huge spikes of lag where a webpage will take forever to load. I have tried swapping LAN cables with my boyfriend's computer and he will get 900mbs on my cable but on my computer with his LAN cable I will still get 300-ish. I have messed with all the LAN settings, updated drivers, uninstalled them completely and reinstalled them and then got fed up and bought a network card. Now the network card got the speeds I wanted but when first booting the computer the network card won't be recognized. I sometimes have to restart 3 times to get it to find the network card. Starting to wonder if it is the motherboard altogether. Anyone have a similar problem? I am still hoping it is a setting somewhere that is off

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    Greetings @Reisa

    I believe some of those boards had the older i-225V controllers that had some issues on 2.5Gb networks, that could induce lag and effect the speed. Check this page for identification:

    As for resolving it, try limiting your Speed to 1Gb. Device Manager - Network Adapters - Intel i225-V - Properties - Advanced - Speed and Duplex - Change to 1.0Gbps Full Duplex

    Press "Ok" and give it a moment to renegotiate the connection and try again.


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